Residential Real Estate

At SBAL, an attorney will handle your real estate closing. In Virginia, only an attorney can explain to you the legal significance of documents that the seller(s) or the buyer(s) will sign, including a Closing Disclosure that shows all dollar figures for the sales transaction, the deed transferring title, the deed of trust securing a mortgage loan, and a document explaining the availability of purchasing an owner’s policy of title insurance.

More importantly, an attorney will be available to discuss any issues that may arise before the parties come to the closing table. Such issues could include encroachments of fences or toolsheds across the boundary line of the land at issue, unreleased deeds of trust that affect title to the real estate, and requirements of completing required repairs to the house or condo unit.

Completing the sale of a residential home requires communication and coordination with a number of parties: the buyer, the seller, the lender, the real estate agents, the title insurance company, and possibly others. The real estate closing attorneys at SBAL – Howard Sykes, Eddie Bourdon, Jon Ahern, and Michael Levy – and our real estate paralegal support staff, have decades of experience handling real estate closings and know how to get real estate transactions completed.