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• Legal Links

Appeals, Court of, Virginia - Virginia Court of Appeals
Attorney General, Office of - Office of the Attorney General.
Bar Examiners, Virginia Board - The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners.
Criminal Justice Servives - Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).
Lawyer Referral Service - State Bar Lawyer Referral Service.
LIS - Legislative Information System.
MCLE Lookup - MCLE lookup through the State Bar.
Service of Process - SOP through the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
State Bar - Virginia State Bar (VSB).
State Corporation Commission - The State Corporation Commission (SCC).
State Police - Virginia State Police (VSP).
Supreme Court of Virginia - Supreme Court of Virginia.
Virginia Appeals - Web site focuses on appellate advocacy in the state, federal courts and federal civil litigation.

Specific Virginia Legal Materials

Legislative Sessions - Past and present legislative sessions through the General Assembly site.
The Code of Virginia - The Code of Virginia
Register of Regulations - The Virginia Register of Regulations is a comprehensive source of regulatory information that complements and supplements the Virginia Administrative Code.

Virginia Law-Related Associations

Local Government Attorneys
- Local Government Attorneys of Virginia Inc.
Trial Lawyers Association - Trial Lawyers Association
Open Government - Virginia Coalition for Open Government.
Virginia Association of Law Libraries - Virginia Association of Law Libraries

Virginia Law Schools

Appalachian School of Law
- Appalachian School of Law.
University of Richmond - University of Richmond School of Law.
Washington and Lee - Washington and Lee University School of Law.
Regent University - Regent University School of Law
University of Virginia - University of Virginia School of Law.
William and Mary - William and Mary School of Law

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