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Legal Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I Need a Lawyer to Make My Will?
Most people don't need a lawyer to make their will. Here's why. If you're thinking about making your own will, you may feel a little uneasy about the process. After all, a will is an important legal document -- shouldn't you seek a lawyer's help?

2) Do You Need a Lawyer to Make Your Living Trust?
For many Americans, a significant goal of estate planning is to avoid probate. A living trust, unlike a will, offers people a fast, private, probate-free way to transfer one's property after death. Although a living trust is not a complete substitute for a will (it doesn't allow you to name a guardian for a child, for example), it is definitely a cheaper and more efficient way to transfer property at death, especially large-ticket items such as a house, business and investments.

3) When do I need a lawyer?
Some things may be handled best by a lawyer. You should always talk with a lawyer as soon as possible:
° if you are sued,
° before you admit or deny guilt for a crime,
° before you make a statement to the police or
° if you have been in a serious accident which injured someone or damaged property.

You should also consult a lawyer early if:

° you are considering a lawsuit,
° you are considering divorce or adoption,
° someone in your family dies,
° you want a will or need estate planning,
° you are considering bankruptcy,
° you have tax problems,
° you are buying or selling a home, or
° you are organizing or dissolving a business.

4) Do I Need a Lawyer or Tax Professional to Help with Starting a Nonprofit?

There is no legal requirement but you are advised to seek the advice of an attorney and or tax professional if you have any uncertainty pertaining to your specific situation.

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