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Representative Client

3 Arch Financial Services
Bank of Hampton Roads
BECO Construction, Inc.
Caruana Construction
Crestmont Federal Bank
DeFord Companies, Inc.
Director’s Mortgage Corp.
Dragas Companies
The Dunn & Bradstreet Corporation
Drucker and Falk
Equity One, Inc.
Essex Insurance Company
Federal National Mortgage Assoc.
Federal National Mortgage Corp.
Fidelity National Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Solutions
Fidelity Residential Solutions
First American Title Relocation Advantage
First Nationwide Mortgage Corp.
Gateway Bank
Glenwood Community Association
GMAC Mortgage Corp.
Great Atlantic Mangement
Harbor Group Realty
HomeEq Servicing Corporation
Huntington Associates Wilshire Credit Corporation
Knutson Mortgage Corporation

Land America Relocation Title & Closing
Lincoln Service Corporation
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier, Inc.
M.M. Rollins & Company
Management Investors, Inc.
Mellon Mortgage Company
Mid-Atlantic Naval Federal Credit Union
Nationsbank Home Equity
Navy Federal Credit Union
Norfolk Municipal Employees FCU
Norfolk Naval Supply Center FCU
Ocean Beach Homes, L.L.C.
Ocean Electric Co.
Oxford Home Equity
Pensouth Realty
RBC Centura Bank
Resort Custom Construction, Inc
Ripley Heatwole Company, Inc.
Rose & Womble Realty, Inc.
Ryland Mortgage Corporation
Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.
Michael D. Sifen, Inc.
Source One Mortgage Corp.
Tidewater Home Funding, L.L.C.
Virginia Beach Municipal Employees FCU
Williams Corporation of Virginia

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